• It is best to do this during your evening watering as the soil won’t dry out so quickly, giving the nematodes time to go beneath the soil.
  • Apply the nematode solution to moist soil.
  • When applying nematodes to grass or flowerbeds, water well afterwards so that the nematodes are washed into the soil.
  • If you have to apply nematodes during the day (especially if hot) again make sure you water them in well so the soil doesn’t dry out before they have gone beneath the soil.
  • Plan to control slugs from early in the season when they are young and before they start to do the damage.
  • See the advice on when it is best to apply each product to target the pest you want to get rid of. Remember that there can be an 8-week difference in the seasons between the north and south of the UK.
  • Most garden chemicals (including fertilizers) can be used with nematodes. However, it is best to apply them at different times.

Nematodes are natural organisms, already present in our soil. They are not pests, but prey on garden pests giving us natural garden pest controls, that are environmentally friendly, safe for children, pets and wildlife.. All the nematodes in Nemaslug and the Nemasys range are naturally found in UK soil. Research scientists have isolated the nematode that kills a specific garden pest, whether slugs, vine weevils, chafer grubs, leatherjackets, caterpillars or codling moth. Millions of nematodes are bred to be easily applied by gardeners. When nematodes can no longer find prey they will die back to their original numbers.


Benefits of using nematodes:

  • Easy to apply
  • Effective.
  • Harmless to children, pets, birds and wildlife.
  • Unlike many chemicals, can assist wildlife in combating pests without posing a risk to wildlife itself.
  • Perfectly safe to use on food crops.
  • They come to you – just order from our nominated suppliers.
  • You get the same benefits as commercial growers who have been using nematode products from Becker Underwood for two decades to control many pests and not just those most commonly found in the garden.


How Nemaslug nematodes work:

  • These aggressive organisms attack the pest by entering natural body openings or by penetrating the insect cuticle directly.
  • Once inside, they release bacteria that stops the pest from feeding, quickly killing the pest.
  • They do not stop there. The nematodes reproduce inside the dead pest and release a new generation of hungry nematodes, which disperse to hunt down further prey.
  • Once they have killed the pest for which they have been bred they die back to their natural numbers.


Storing your Nemaslug nematodes:

  • Keep the sealed pack in the fridge so they remain inactive, ensuring their good health until you need them.
  • Nematodes will keep up to the expiry date, clearly marked on each sealed pack, when kept refrigerated.
  • They are perishable so you should not open the pack before you intend to use it.
  • It is always best to use living products as soon as possible after receipt.


Using your Nemaslug nematodes:

  • Use entire packet at one time and do not store part used packs or made up solution.
  • Nematodes are easy to apply simply as a drench. All you need is a watering can with a coarse rose or a recommended hose end feeder. A standard pack takes approximately 20 minutes to apply.
  • Once mixed with water, apply immediately, making sure they are applied to the soil. Wash any nematodes off the leaves using more water.
  • It is important to water the lawn thoroughly immediately after applying Nemasys Chafer Grub Killer and Nemasys Leatherjacket Killer. This is to ensure the nematodes reach the soil where the target pest is located. Make sure the lawn does not dry out after applying nematodes.

Watering can method.

  1. Open, take a portion of the pack and put in a watering can.
  2. Add water and stir.
  3. Water on soil/lawn and then water in with hose/watering can.For full instructions please see the packet.