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Nemaslug Slug Killer Nematodes

The organic slug control: harmless to children, pets & birds!

Buy Nemaslug Online!


Nemaslug Slug Killer contains millions of naturally occuring microscopic nematodes that kill slugs and snails both above and below the soil. Once you use Nemaslug nematodes slug control, we doubt you will go back to other methods.

Nemaslug Slug Killer is completely harmless to children, birds, hedgehogs & other wildlife and is safe to apply to food crops. Nemaslug is easy to apply, extremely effective, and is completely safe to use on food crops. Apply just once every 6 weeks!

For complete protection consider selecting a “nemaslug programme” – you will receive a pack of nemaslug every 6 weeks for the length of the programme.

Nemaslug Reviews:

“It was only by chance that I heard about it, my brother visited and I was moaning about slug damage to my crops. He said we don’t have a problem anymore since we started using Nemaslug, of course I didn’t believe him, but decided to give it a try. Its really nice to pick perfect undamaged strawberrys etc and I will definitely carry on using it! Well done!”

“I had my doubts but after using it around my garden I am convinced.. So far this season not one slug has got through to feed on my plants. Great stuff. Many Thanks.”

“This is second year I have used nemaslug. I decided to use it as I was trying to grow veggies at the allotment where the resident hedgehog and wild birds + pheasant +partridge lived. Didn’t want to use slug pellets but was losing huge amounts of young veg at start of season. Within days noticed a sudden drop lost veg and this was case for rest of growing season. Impressed with results.”

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