Following the recent wet weather, slugs and snails will be having a “field day” in your garden, and with the risk of frost almost over most areas of the UK should be safe to make their first application of nemaslug.

Nemaslug Slug Killer Tips:

Always put your Nemaslug / nematodes in the fridge as soon as they have been delivered.
If applying with a watering can make sure your watering can and rose is clean & clear of debris.

Don’t forget that the air temperature is not the same as the soil temperature – visit our gardening weather section for the soil temperature in your area.
Before applying your nematodes, have a quick hunt around for slug hotspots and treat those areas with a little extra Nemaslug.

Apply your Nematodes at the end of the day just before sunset to reduce the risk of the nematodes “drying out” before they work into the soil.