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It’s the last chance to apply nemaslug this season

By applying Nemaslug before the temperature drop at the end of the season there will be fewer slugs to over-winter and breed, resulting in far fewer slugs next spring.

Most Nemaslug stockists will continue to offer the product for sale until the end of October but don’t leave ordering too late to avoid disappointment.

PS: Don’t worry if temperatures drop after you apply your Nemaslug in Autumn, the nematodes slug control may be a little slower, however the nematodes are capable of surviving even the odd frost.


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Top tips to get the best from your nematodes

It is best to do this during your evening watering as the soil won’t dry out so quickly, giving the nematodes time to go beneath the soil.
Apply the nematode solution to moist soil.
When applying nematodes to grass or flowerbeds, water well afterwards so that the nematodes are washed into the soil.
If you have to apply nematodes during the day (especially if hot) again make sure you water them in well so the soil doesn’t dry out before they have gone beneath the soil.
Plan to control slugs from early in the season when they are young and before they start to do the damage.
See the advice on when it is best to apply each product to target the pest you want to get rid of. Remember that there can be an 8-week difference in the seasons between the north and south of the UK.
Most garden chemicals (including fertilizers) can be used with nematodes. However, it is best to apply them at different times.

Nematodes are natural organisms, already present in our soil. They are not pests, but prey on garden pests giving us natural garden pest controls, that are environmentally friendly, safe for children, pets and wildlife.. All the nematodes in Nemaslug and the Nemasys range are naturally found in UK soil. Research scientists have isolated the nematode that kills a specific garden pest, whether slugs, vine weevils, chafer grubs, leatherjackets, caterpillars or codling moth. Millions of nematodes are bred to be easily applied by gardeners. When nematodes can no longer find prey they will die back to their original numbers.

Benefits of using nematodes:

Easy to apply
Harmless to children, pets, birds and wildlife.
Unlike many chemicals, can assist wildlife in combating pests without posing a risk to wildlife itself.
Perfectly […]

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Temperature for applying Nemaslug

We are often asked at what temperature should it be before applying Nemaslug – so we have produced the handy table below to provide a rough guide.

Please note that this is the soil temperature and not the air temperature as seen in most weather forecasts, see the gardening weather forecast via met check for the approximate soil temperatures in your area.

But don’t forget, soil temperatures can vary depending on the amount of sun your garden receives, so shady areas will usually be a few degrees lower than those exposed to full sun.
Minimum Nematode Application Temperatures (Soil Temp)

Nemaslug Slug Killer: 5ºC (40ºF)
Nemasys Vine Weevil Killer: 5ºC (40ºF)
Nemasys Grow Your Own: 5ºC (40ºF)
Nemays No Ants: 10ºC (50ºF)
Nemasys Chafer Grub Killer: 12ºC (54ºF).
Nemasys Leatherjacket Killer: 12ºC (54ºF)

(Nematodes are capable of surviving the odd frost; so don’t worry if the temperatures drop after you apply them)

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Its time to apply Nemaslug Slug Killer

Following the recent wet weather, slugs and snails will be having a “field day” in your garden, and with the risk of frost almost over most areas of the UK should be safe to make their first application of nemaslug.

Nemaslug Slug Killer Tips:

Always put your Nemaslug / nematodes in the fridge as soon as they have been delivered.
If applying with a watering can make sure your watering can and rose is clean & clear of debris.

Don’t forget that the air temperature is not the same as the soil temperature – visit our gardening weather section for the soil temperature in your area.
Before applying your nematodes, have a quick hunt around for slug hotspots and treat those areas with a little extra Nemaslug.

Apply your Nematodes at the end of the day just before sunset to reduce the risk of the nematodes “drying out” before they work into the soil.

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